Carbon Footprints (ISO 14064)

ISO 14064 Carbon Footprinting with Envantage

Quantify and report your carbon footprint


Green House Gas (GHG) emissions quantification and reporting – also known as Carbon Footprinting – is rapidly becoming a consumer, investor and supplier expectation.

In order to demonstrate corporate responsibility and meet consumer expectation it is essential that organisations demonstrate action to monitor, measure and target direct carbon emissions.

It is vital that you adopt the correct methodology, scope and approach to ensure that figures reported are reliable.


Why Standardised Carbon Footprinting?

By quantifying GHG Inventories using the global standard you will achieve:

  • Enhanced integrity of the GHG quantification / assertion

  • Enhanced credibility and consistency of reporting

  • Facilitation of carbon abatement plans and climate change strategies

  • Boosted brand value and Corporate Social Responsibility


Get Reassurance with ISO 14064 verification

Independent assurance and verification of Green House Gas claims is a necessity for publically reporting organisations.

It ensures that brand value and reputation is protected – particularly when making bold carbon footprint claims.

With independent verification, you boost the credibility of the GHG Inventory and reassure your customers, investors, stakeholders and employees on the completeness and integrity of reported figures.

To find out if your existing reporting meets international standards, speak to one of our consultants today. We can carry out independent verification of your GHG Inventories in accordance with ISO 14064.


Improving Your Performance

Carbon abatement plans and climate change strategies form an important part of the narrative around your reported carbon footprint.

How do you plan to improve your performance, and what are your targets?

There are many ways to reduce your emissions, such as purchasing green electricity, implementing energy and environmental management systems and installing efficient technologies.

Our consultants can work with you to deliver the appropriate strategy and solutions.


Get Started Today With Envantage

Envantage have experienced consultants trained in GHG quantification in accordance with the ISO 14064 standard, and have worked under the GHG Protocol and DEFRA guidelines for many years.

With our expertise, you can quantify and verify your carbon footprint with full confidence in the reported figures – and take action to improve performance.

To get started, speak with one of our consultants by calling Envantage on 0800 054 2577 or email


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