Efficiency Improvements

Energy efficiency projects with Envantage

With energy efficient technologies, most companies can cut energy costs by 10-20%.


Businesses stand to make substantial savings when they invest in the right energy saving solutions, and find the right suppliers.

With increasing charges on energy bills and a growing focus on green credentials and operational efficiency, opportunities to slash energy costs should not be missed.

Envantage have significant experience with energy efficient technologies for buildings, process environments, and transport fleets

We can also help companies to access funding models that can enable such investments.


Secure Savings with Envantage

If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, choose Envantage as a partner. We will use our extensive experience to help you maximise savings:

  • Opportunities – Prioritise ways to save energy via energy audits to ISO50002 standard

  • Suppliers – Find trusted suppliers

  • Proposals – Evaluate and compare proposals

  • Verify – Verify savings by monitoring energy usage pre- and post-project

  • Funding – Access available funding models

Speak to a member of our team today. We will provide an overview of the opportunities likely to apply to your business, and how much you could stand to save.


Can You Benefit From Funding?

With our long experience of identifying and implementing improvements, Envantage understands that many excellent opportunities are overlooked because of inadequate access to funding

Energy efficiency and low carbon initiatives must compete with core business improvement initiatives for capital funding.

This means that even when projects offer an acceptable return on investment, in line with your investment criteria, other business requirements mean that these opportunities cannot always be progressed.

We can offer access to funding models that help those of our clients who face this dilemma, but who would still like to realise the cost and environmental opportunities. Contact our team today on 0800 054 2577 or email savings@envantage.co.uk.


Which Technologies and Suppliers?

Implementing the right solution, with the right supplier, is essential.

That’s why it is advisable to work with an experienced consultancy. Envantage will help you implement widely applicable solutions such as LED lighting, as well as highly industry-specific opportunities such as efficiency improvements to diesel generators.

Envantage also recommend trusted suppliers, vetted by our consultants.

Solutions we work extensively with include:


Contact Us To Get Started

Work with us and you can move forward with your energy efficiency improvements with confidence. We can advise you from the start of your project to the end, and tailor our services to your business.

To get started, call Envantage today on 0800 054 2577 or email savings@envantage.co.uk.


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