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Metering, Monitoring and Targeting with Envantage

Monitor your energy use and track performance against savings targets


If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Metering, monitoring and targeting is foundational to running an energy efficient business.

By analysing their energy use over time, companies learn where energy is being wasted and are able to track progress towards savings targets.

Monitoring and targeting involves regular metering of energy use, alongside a software system that enables staff to view and analyse the metered data.

Combined with simple management practices, this offers businesses a highly effective way to achieve energy and cost savings, while also gaining insight into production costs, equipment reliability, and facility usage patterns.


How Will You Reduce Costs?

Annual energy savings of 5%+ are typical in the first year alone with monitoring and targeting, according to the Carbon Trust.

A degree of improvement is often achieved simply by starting to monitor energy consumption, as this focuses attention and priorities.

Further savings then typically come from opportunities such as:

  • Tackling energy waste outside of operating hours

  • Ensuring that your heating is running as and when it should

  • Identifying malfunctioning equipment, which also protects reliability

  • Tracking and discussing your progress towards energy reduction targets

  • Accurately calculating expected savings from an investment in energy efficiency

  • Understanding the running costs associated with your various processes

  • Taking informed action around power factor and supply capacity issues

  • Targeting the areas of your business that uses the most energy

  • Billing your tenants accurately

Overall, setting targets for energy efficiency and monitoring your progress on a regular basis will provide you with the essential foundation to manage your energy effectively.


Choose Our Solution ENMAT

Envantage offer the bespoke Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) solution ENMAT, designed to be implemented around your existing equipment.

Our powerful platform is practical and cost-effective, and uses the latest in metering technologies.

This means you receive a comprehensive solution that is entirely tailored to satisfy your unique requirements.

Based on a detailed understanding of your energy needs, our consultants will then deliver in-person training to your staff – as well as on-going technical support and excellent customer service.

If you think your facility would benefit from energy metering, monitoring and targeting, speak to a member of our team. We can provide approximate costs straight away, and advise you about areas where you are likely to make the most savings.

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