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Secure the best gas and electricity contracts for your business


If you’re looking to secure the lowest possible rates for your gas and electricity contracts – look no further than the energy procurement services provided by Envantage.

Rising energy costs are now a major concern for businesses, so it’s reassuring to have an expert working on your behalf.

With the wide range of products on offer from Envantage – together with our highly practical advice – paying over the odds for your energy could soon be a thing of the past.

You now also have an opportunity to quickly reduce your carbon emissions and boost brand value by purchasing green electricity with Envantage’s expert assistance.


Energy Procurement that’s Simple and Efficient

Knowing when to fix an energy contract is vital to achieving the most competitive rates. At Envantage, we track energy markets daily to provide you with regular market updates so you can benefit from changes in wholesale market rates.

In addition, we provide clear cost illustrations from all the major energy suppliers. This gives you the vital information you need to make concise and well-informed decisions when placing a contract.

Envantage fully understand that every business will have its own unique contract requirements. To meet these needs, we can offer you both Fixed and Flexible Energy Contracts to guarantee the most cost-effective deal.


Fixed Energy Pricing

How It Works

Envantage will review the energy market and identify when competitive levels rates are available. We will then provide cost analysis comparing all major suppliers and negotiate a contract to ensure the lowest rates available. This will fix your gas and electricity requirement for a fixed period (of up to three years).

We also offer a selection of value-added services which can be tailored to your specific needs. Your designated Envantage Account Manager will always be on hand to discuss any queries relating to your contract.


  • Entering into a long-term fixed contract can give you peace of mind with fixed prices to smooth your cash flow and provide protection from volatile energy markets.

  • A fixed price throughout the contract improves the accuracy of your financial planning and gives greater control over your energy budget.

  • We complete contract negotiations on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

  • We offer a range of billing services to suit your requirements. This can save you time when completing your accounts.


Flexible Energy Pricing

How It Works

In a complex market where timing is critical, it is vital to have access to the right experts and support. This allows you to maximise the benefits of a competitive energy market.

Flexible purchasing delivers adaptability, transparency, audit trails and access to wholesale prices. When it comes to securing your next contract, you can be confident it will be an informed decision where YOU are in control!

You can purchase for any forward period. This could be from as little as a month (subject to minimum volume) to as long as any remaining period on your contract.

Up to four tranches (subject to volume) can be applied per month which gives greater control as part of any risk management strategy.


  • Direct access to wholesale energy prices, with email and web based access to view ‘live’ wholesale prices

  • Ability to track the market and quickly secure your energy contract

  • Purchasing at the same level as the very largest customers or largest purchasing groups

  • Allows complete flexibility and transparency

  • Daily detailed wholesale reports

  • Weekly price updates specific to your sites, not just for the next 12 months but for the next three years of annual blocks.


Additional Services

Green Electricity Procurement

Companies can now quickly realise significant Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions – and boost brand value – by purchasing green electricity.

This opportunity has arisen due to key changes in the way companies are required to report GHG emissions, also referred to as their Carbon Footprint, coupled with new green electricity products on the market.

Sufficient knowledge of both energy procurement and GHG reporting is required in order to avoid costly errors, as not all ‘green’ products qualify.

Envantage has a number of GHG reporting experts working alongside the energy procurement team to ensure that all green products are fully assessed against the quality criteria before being fixed. Read more about our services here.

Invoice Verification

Are you over-paying for your gas and electricity? Estimated billing and inaccurate charging are common practices with energy suppliers. This can result in businesses over-paying their utility bills by between 5% and 15% every year.

Checking whether you’re paying the right amount on your bills takes time and resources – so it can easily be over-looked.

Envantage have a solution for this in our invoice verification services for electricity and gas supplies. We will analyse each bill, investigate any inconsistencies, resolve disputes and recover any past financial losses.

Monitoring and Targeting

Depending on your meter type, our online solution ENMAT is available to help you monitor and analyse your energy usage.


Get Started Today

You can contact us at any time to arrange your next energy contract, regardless of the renewal date on existing contracts. And if we feel you will benefit from going to the market early, we will let you know.

Take your first step towards simple and cost-effective energy procurement – call Envantage today on 0800 054 2577 or email



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