Green Electricity Procurement

Green electricity procurement with Envantage

Cut greenhouse gas emissions with green electricity procurement


Companies can now quickly realise significant Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions – and boost brand value – by purchasing green electricity.

This opportunity has arisen due to key changes in the way companies are required to report GHG emissions, also referred to as their Carbon Footprint, coupled with new green electricity products on the market.

Historically, the only way companies could reduce GHG emissions under the Greenhouse Protocol was via energy efficiency and carbon reduction plans, despite any green energy purchase decisions that had been made.

You can now obtain credit from responsible procurement of electricity, but sufficient knowledge of both energy procurement and GHG reporting is required.


Which ‘Green’ Electricity Products Qualify?


There are a number of key quality criteria that must be met before your electricity contract can be claimed as low or zero carbon under the GHG reporting rules.

With many energy companies marketing energy tariffs as low or no carbon products, it is important that these rules are fully understood before making key procurement decisions.

An assessment of the energy market by Envantage has shown that some ‘green’ electricity products do not meet this quality criteria. These products cannot be used to reduce carbon emissions.


That’s why it’s important to work with knowledgeable experts. Many green energy products carry a premium, so failure to select the correct green product could result in a costly error.

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