About Envantage

About Envantage

We’re specialists in energy & low carbon management

Envantage helps organisations to manage their energy and carbon reduction more effectively through a comprehensive portfolio of services.

We operate across all sectors throughout the UK and Europe from our main offices in Didsbury, Manchester, and are a totally independent organisation with a client base of industrial and commercial organisations.

Envantage was incorporated in April 2004 by experienced professionals within the energy supply industry with a vast knowledge of energy procurement, energy efficiency and energy legislation.

We have developed over the years, building an impressive range of energy management and carbon reduction services. This has been achieved through successful recruitment of additional highly capable individuals, each an expert in their related field.  All of our energy consultants have been selected for their knowledge, skills and experience within the energy and carbon market.

We enable our engineers and consultants to engage in continued professional development to ensure that they are ahead of the game in the fast moving carbon market. We believe that knowledge is critical and so we support our employees by providing regular training in new market developments and advancing technologies. This is also part of our ISO9001 requirement.

We firmly believe that Envantage is differentiated in the market by the quality and experience of the people we employ.  To work with Envantage, please contact us to speak with our team.


Our latest services

Envantage offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy and carbon management services that continues to evolve, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the industry and benefit from the latest opportunities.

You will find an overview of our services here on our website. Please download our business brochure here.

To find out about our latest and upcoming opportunities, we recommend that you speak with one of our consultants today. Please call Envantage at 0800 054 2577 or email savings@envantage.co.uk.


Did you know this about us?

Building on years’ of experience, Envantage continues to make an impact on behalf of its clients and across the industry. Some of our recent achievements include:


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