Renewables & On-Site Generation

Renewable Energy and On-site Generation with Envantage

Invest in the right generation technology to reap financial and environmental rewards


Renewable and other forms of on-site generation can help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint – and deliver excellent investment opportunities with the correct approach.

Incentive structures includes the Feed in Tariff, the Renewables Obligation market, and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Power purchase agreements are now also instrumental in ensuring that the funding channels are kept open. With the range of options available, it is essential to work closely with manufacturers, installers and investors to establish the right renewable technology for your business.


Which Technology?

Choose Envantage as a partner to install on-site generation at your facility.

We specialise in helping organisations to choose renewable technologies, and have provided consultancy on projects in excess of 5MWp.

You will benefit from the extensive list of renewable manufacturing and installation companies we call on to deliver the solution that meets your specific requirements.

Our team advises on a wide range of technologies – including Solar PV, wind, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), biomass, Anaerobic Digestion and Gasification – and ensures that you achieve the financial targets set out at inception.

If you are looking at on-site generation for your facility, speak to one of our consultants as a first step. We will help you review the best technologies and funding options, including feasibility reports.

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