Water Strategy and Savings

Water Management by Envantage

Substantial cost savings available with effective water management


Envantage offers a suite of auxiliary services to meet customer demand for on-going water management, with substantial cost savings.

These services are targeted at reducing actual water usage and water wastage, and satisfying legislative requirements.

Apart from reducing costs and ensuring that you are legally compliant, water management can also be invaluable if you are striving to improve the sustainability of your businesses.

As significant cost savings are available to many process water users, we recommend that you take action today.


How will I benefit?

We will provide a set of solutions to suit your objectives around cost savings and sustainability credentials, and the nature of your energy usage.

You are likely to benefit from opportunities including:

  • Water Profiling

  • Leak Detection and Repair

  • Water Limiting Devices

  • Water Strategy and Employee Engagement

  • Rainwater Harvesting

  • Borehole Technology

  • Integration of Water into CRC planning

We also recommend that you meter your water usage, and monitor it online alongside energy consumption and other utilities, using our cost-effective solution ENMAT.


Get Started Today

By working with Envantage to cut your water usage, you will ensure that your water strategy fits in well with your wider sustainability, energy and carbon management.

We can help you start saving today.

If you are interested in reducing your water usage and costs, speak with one of our consultants. To contact Envantage please call 0800 054 2577 or email us at savings@envantage.co.uk.


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