2019 heralds the end of CRC and the start of SECR

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2019 heralds the end of CRC and the start of SECR

A change is coming in April 2019 as the Carbon Reduction Commitment comes to an end, to be replaced by Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting.

The move comes as the government seeks to simplify the various policies that apply to business energy efficiency and decarbonisation, of which CRC is one, along with policies requiring mandatory reporting of energy use and carbon footprint calculations.

Under SECR, a streamlined approach aims to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, while encouraging them to improve energy efficiency, cut carbon emissions and reduce their energy bills.

The move should also have an indirect effect on air quality, as fewer emissions helps to reduce localised air pollution, for the benefit of wider society as a whole.


ISO 14064 carbon footprint

Envantage also offer ISO 14064 carbon footprint assistance, a way to quantify your carbon footprint in a standardised and comparable way – giving you data that is meaningful in context against other organisations and industry averages.

Using a recognised standard helps you when calculating your carbon footprint, which in turn helps you to make a stronger brand-positive statement in your environmental responsibility policies and related marketing materials.

SECR is due to be introduced in April 2019, so there is not much time to make significant changes to how you measure, compile and report your carbon footprint and GHG emissions data.

Envantage urge all new and existing clients in this area to make the necessary changes as soon as possible – not only to beat the expected last-minute rush, but also to ensure that by the time April arrives, you are already well underway with collating the required data ready to compile your first mandatory SECR report.



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