30-70% energy saving with EC motors and aerodynamic fans

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30-70% energy saving with EC motors and aerodynamic fans

The combination of high efficiency EC motors and aerodynamically designed fans can reduce energy consumption by 30-70%, compared with conventional solutions.

Benefits also include reduced noise levels.

Manufacturers and businesses with cooling systems are particularly well placed to benefit from this technology. Common applications include Air Handling Units, Chillers, Condensers, IT cooling and other similar systems.

To help organisations access these substantial savings, Envantage provides unbiased advice and recommends carefully selected suppliers you can trust.

Motor technology

EC motors are around 30% more efficient than AC motors due to the secondary magnetic field coming from permanent magnets rather than copper windings. An AC motor consumes additional energy solely to create a magnetic field by inducing a current in the rotor.

EC stands for Electronically Commutated, while DC motors rely on carbon brushes and a commutation ring to switch current direction and magnetic field polarity to induce rotation. In an EC motor the mechanical commutation has been replaced by electronic circuitry, this supplies armature current in the right direction at the right time to induce rotation and also allows accurate control of motor speed, increasing the potential to reduce energy consumption in fan applications.

Fan blade design

The aerodynamic development of EC fans has realised improvements in energy efficiency, fan performance and noise levels.

Incorporating the fan into an engineered bellmouth increases flow and reduces both noise and energy consumption. Winglets on each blade, similar to an aircraft wing reduce inefficient turbulence. A sawtooth design reduces wasteful drag from the fan blade’s trailing edge. The diffuser straightens flow and reduces turbulence losses, and noise. Finally, backward curved designs also reduce energy consumption


How Envantage can help

Envantage has significant expertise and experience with energy efficient technologies in industrial and commercial environments. We help organisations to choose and specify the right technologies, as part of cost effective energy management.

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