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As one of your most significant business costs, you need to be confident in the accuracy of your energy charges. In our experience, we regularly see billing mistakes resulting in discrepancies of between 1% and 2% on annual electricity bills and as much as 2.5% on gas bills. While these are small percentages, for those with a large annual energy spend it can equate to savings into the tens of thousands.

A forensic approach

To give you peace of mind Envantage’s specialist bureau services team provides comprehensive support in three key areas:

Bill validation – Too often bill validation services don’t drill into the necessary details to be able to identify incidents of over-charging. It’s not simply a case of determining whether the totals on the invoice add up. Our system scrutinises every single line of a bill, performing more than 60 separate checks to ensure every item has been correctly calculated, highlighting any errors.

Tariff analysis – Our detailed and thorough analysis will identify whether there is scope for cost improvements within tariff structures. We will scrutinise your energy and water charges to check the metering, transmission and distribution are all in line with your physical supply set-up, as well as making sure you aren’t being hit with significantly marked up charges by your suppliers.

Cost recovery – Not only are we able to analyse your current energy costs, but we can also do a retrospective analysis of your bills to identify instances of over-charging and seek to recoup the maximum available costs. We will manage the entire process, liaising with suppliers to generate revised bills and recovering any monies owed.


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“A very professional and thoughtful approach that met all our requirements. A strong range of expertise and capability with a client-focussed approach, putting our needs and the needs of our residents and staff before all else. A very valuable collaboration that will set the energy strategy for the business for years to come.”

Joel Turner
Barchester Healthcare

Arnold Clark

Arnold Clark approached Envantage, whose CRC services are designed to save money by removing the monitoring, reporting and administration burden – and also by ensuring full compliance and audit support.

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