Business building certification – what is it and why?

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Business building certification – what is it and why?

Business building certification is a way to measure the energy efficiency of business premises and certify this in a consistent and comparable way – and for many companies it is now a mandatory requirement.

The two main types of business building energy certificates are Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

You may have heard of these in relation to domestic Home Information Packs (HIPs) and domestic EPCs in particular, and while non-domestic energy certificates are different, the principle behind them is the same.


Why does my business need an EPC?

A business EPC or DEC gives you a useful analysis of how energy efficient your commercial property is – this is particularly required when building new premises, selling a business building or renting out commercial property.

Large buildings that are open to the public must display their energy certificate where it is clearly visible, and Envantage can help you to decide if this applies to you.

EPCs last for ten years, so although this is something you will need to renew in the future, it also lasts for a relatively long time, unless you make significant changes to the building in the meantime.


When should I get a new EPC for my business?

You should get a new EPC for your business if any of the following apply:

  • You want to sell or rent out premises that don’t have a valid EPC already.
  • You build new business premises (an EPC is required on completion).
  • You change significant parts of the building e.g. HVAC systems.

You should make sure to display your EPC in a visible location if all of the following apply:

  • The building has over 500 square metres of usable floor space.
  • The building is normally open to members of the public.
  • An EPC has been produced for the building during construction, sale or rental.


What happens if I don’t get an EPC?

The cost of a new non-domestic EPC depends on the size of your building and Envantage provide qualified commercial energy assessors to carry out a detailed assessment of your premises’ energy efficiency.

Without this, you could find you are unable to sell or rent out your commercial property and you should not consider newly built business premises to be ‘complete’ as, again, they are technically unusable.

The penalties for attempting to rent or sell business premises without an EPC can be steep – between £500 and £5,000, depending on the value of the building.

Don’t get caught out by this, especially on new-builds, properties that have never had an EPC, or where an existing EPC is expired or invalidated by substantial changes.

Call Envantage today on 0800 054 2577 or email and our team will help you to understand your obligations regarding commercial energy performance certificates.

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