Do I need a water strategy for my business?

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Do I need a water strategy for my business?

It’s easy to talk about energy savings in terms of reducing business electricity bills and, where applicable, reducing business gas use too – but an efficient business water strategy is often overlooked.

Yet there are several very good reasons why you should include a focus on your business water consumption alongside any energy efficiency measures you implement, or even as a new water strategy in its own right.

These include:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation and industry-specific regulation.
  • Reduced water bills and reduced business wastewater bills.
  • Improved sustainability and demonstrable environmental commitment.
  • Reduction of unnecessary excess use and water lost through leakage.
  • Opportunity to reclaim historic water charges.

Envantage can help by providing a suite of solutions to measure water consumption, identify potential water savings, and meet your targets on sustainability, environmental commitments and cost savings alike.


What makes a good water strategy?

There are several components that can work together to create a good water strategy. It is not always necessary to use all of these, but in general combining multiple approaches can unlock even bigger savings.

Examples of the methods that make a good water strategy include:

  • Metered and monitored water usage alongside energy monitoring.
  • Leak detection, repair and ongoing minimisation.
  • Installation of water limiting devices and employee engagement.
  • Borehole technology and rainwater harvesting.
  • Integration of water strategy into overall environmental planning.

Envantage can help you in these areas; we can also set up ENMAT, our cost-effective solution to profile, meter and monitor all of your utilities and energy supplies on a continuing basis.


Better business water procurement

The deregulated market for business water procurement means there are often direct cost savings to be made simply by switching supplier.

If you have not switched business water supplier since before 2017, you could stand to make immediate cost savings of up to 8% or more.

Again, Envantage can help with business water procurement by lodging water tenders with multiple suppliers to attract the best possible price for your specific business activities and needs.


Reclaim historic water charges

Finally, it is worth looking into whether or not you can reclaim historic water charges made in error by your past supplier.

It is thought that one in four companies have been wrongly charged for their past water supplies, ranging from incorrect tariffs and meters, to charges for leakages and surface water run-off.

By reclaiming historic water charges for your business, you can recover much of this money – and again, Envantage can help you to compile the factual evidence required to support your claim.

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