Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Heat And Power Solutions with Envantage

Cut energy bills with CHP, by generating electricity and heat on-site


For many organisations, combined heat and power (CHP) offers the most significant single opportunity to reduce their total fossil fuel consumption from on-site boilers, and the power stations they import electricity from, according to the Carbon Trust.

CHP is a form of on-site generation that simultaneously generates both electricity and usable heat.

With a CHP system, businesses can substantially reduce their energy bills and CO2 emissions – while increasing the security of their electricity supply.


How Will You Benefit?

Grid electricity is an expensive and carbon intensive way of providing electricity to a site. In large power stations, only around 30% of the energy in the fuel is converted into useful electricity. Around 10% is then lost in the network on the way to site.

This is one of the reasons why grid electricity is so expensive and carbon intensive.

A CHP installation reduces the electricity imported from the grid, which would otherwise be bought at a higher cost.

Heat produced by the CHP also replaces or supplements the heat that would normally be generated using conventional boilers at your facility.

There are other benefits to CHP, including:

If you are interested in implementing CHP at your site, or have any questions about the technology, please get in touch. We will advise you on a best course of action to realise the significant energy and cost savings that this technology offers.


Forms of CHP

CHP is a type of cogeneration, where a ‘prime mover’ (heat engine) provides motive power for an electrical generator, and produces heat that is recovered and modified for use.

The prime mover of a CHP unit is generally either a gas turbine or a combustion engine, though other technologies are used in more specialist applications.

The variety of different prime movers available mean that CHP can utilise several different fuel sources, including natural gas, LPG, biogas, biomass, and others.

Heat generated can be converted to hot water or steam, which can be utilised in many different commercial and industrial applications.

As such, CHP can be used across a wide range of sectors and can provide cost-effective energy solutions for large and small energy users alike.


Select Your CHP with Envantage

Work with us to identify the best CHP system for your facility.

Envantage have extensive experience with the feasibility assessment of CHP including the initial assessment of energy consumption data, planning, and installation.

We recommend trusted suppliers, evaluate proposals, and indicate the best course of action.

To start the process and explore which CHP system will be most cost-effective for your business, call Envantage today on 0800 054 2577 or email

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