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Minimising energy wasted by your compressed air systems


Over a five-year period, and including capital expenditure, about 75% of the total cost of owning air compressors goes on the electricity you use to run them.

Compressed air therefore often accounts for a large proportion of the energy consumed by manufacturing facilities.

Using your system efficiently can have a significant impact on costs as well as increased productivity and reliability.


How Do You Waste Energy?

In industry, compressed air is either provided by a single air compressor, or more commonly a number of air compressors working together.

The compressed air is then distributed around the site using pipes to the end user, which can range drastically in scale from a simple blow gun to several tonne forge hammers.

Ensuring that both your supply side (the compressors and air treatment equipment) and the demand side (the distribution, storage systems, and the end-use equipment) are correctly sized, designed, and maintained is essential to energy and cost efficient operation.

There are numerous sources of inefficiencies:

  • The Air Compressors – A common issue is a mismatch between air demand and compressor size/function. This can lead to significant energy waste in the system.
  • Air compressor Controls – Systems with multiple air compressors need to be accurately controlled to ensure demand is met at peak energy efficiency. Poorly controlled air compressors both waste energy and increase maintenance costs.
  • Leaks – Leaks in distribution systems are a major source of wasted energy and money in a compressed air system. Leakage rates of 30% to 40% are common in industry, and can cost companies tens of thousands of pounds a year in wasted air.
  • Pressure Settings – In many cases Envantage have found that the pressure of air compressors have been set far higher than is necessary for the equipment it is powering. This wastes energy, and by reducing the pressure set point of an air compressor by 1 bar its overall electricity consumption will be reduced by 7%.

Get in touch to hear about our success stories in your sector. Our consultants can also advise you on the appropriate technologies to help you realise significant energy and cost savings, and the best course of action to implement them.


Improve Efficiency with Envantage

Work with us to reduce your compressed air running costs.

There are many considerations to take into account when altering the supply and distribution system, and changes must not negatively impact the end user.

We have extensive experience with the auditing of compressed air systems, and the assessment, planning, and installation of energy efficiency measures. We recommend trusted suppliers, evaluate proposals, and indicate the best course of action.

We also offer ENMAT, a monitoring and targeting (M&T) system that can monitor the energy used by your air compressor and other ancillary equipment. Staff can use this information to track energy consumption and/or flow rates, and compare it to production figures or other metrics to monitor the performance of the system and controls.

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