Compressed Air Heat Recovery

Compressed Air Heat Recovery by Envantage

Recover wasted heat to pay less for hot water or space heating


Approximately 90% of energy consumed by air compressors is lost as heat, with only 10% ending up as useful compressed air for your facility.

Compressed air often accounts for a substantial proportion of electricity consumed by manufacturers.

The opportunity to recover energy that is wasted by the compressed air system can therefore translate to substantial cost savings.


How You Can Save Energy

Lost heat from the air compressor is dissipated to atmosphere by the motor and cooling system, with the majority lost via the oil cooling circuit.

Instead of wasting the lost heat, you can use it.

Options include ducting it into factories or warehouses for space heating or process drying, or converting it to hot water for use in central heating systems, pre-heating feed water for boilers, or process uses.

Talk to one of our consultants today. We can tell you which heat recovery option is likely to be best suited to your facility.


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Work with us to implement compressed air heat recovery.

Envantage have extensive experience with the auditing of compressed air systems, and the assessment, planning, and installation of energy efficiency measures.

We recommend trusted suppliers, evaluate proposals, and indicate the best course of action.

We also offer ENMAT, a monitoring and targeting (M&T) system that can monitor the energy used by your air compressor and other ancillary equipment. Staff can use this information to track energy consumption and/or flow rates, and compare it to production figures or other metrics to monitor the performance of the system and controls.

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