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Saving Space Heating Energy using Industrial Controls with Envantage

Reduce heating costs by 20% to 50%, and improve staff comfort


For many industrial businesses, space heating accounts for a large proportion of energy use. Opportunities to reduce heating costs are typically substantial.

When heating systems aren’t correctly controlled and monitored, it is very common for temperature set points and timers to drift away from their correct settings over time.

Envantage have found that most companies spend more than they should on space heating.


How Are You Wasting Heat?

Most industrial buildings and warehouses use gas fired heaters, such as Warm air blowers (e.g. Combat, Powrmatic) or Radiant tubes (e.g. AmbiRad, Schwank).

Common problems that lead to overspend include:

  • Inaccurate Thermostats – Older thermostats are often extremely inaccurate (±3 degrees C) and can be easily tampered with by staff.
  • Poorly Located Thermostats – Often results in the heaters overachieving their set temperature. This wastes a considerable amount of energy; every 1 degree C above the required temperature results in an 8% increase in energy costs.
  • Lack of Central Controls/Policy – This often leads to staff altering set points to achieve their ‘ideal’ working temperatures, which can often be far higher than is necessary.

Space heating is an essential aspect of many businesses, and is often a source of contention between staff. Ensuring that your heating system is maintaining a suitable working environment for staff whilst performing to maximum energy efficiency is often a difficult task.

Opportunities exist to improve both energy efficiency and staff comfort levels, with heating cost savings anywhere between 20% and 50%. Talk to one of our consultants today to find out if this applies to your business.


Reduce Heating Costs with Envantage

Take this opportunity to slash your space heating costs by working with us.

Envantage have extensive experience with the auditing of commercial heating systems, and the assessment, planning, and installation of energy efficiency measures. We recommend trusted suppliers, evaluate proposals, and indicate the best course of action.

We also offer ENMAT, a monitoring and targeting (M&T) system that will monitor your heating system’s energy use. Your staff can use this information to track consumption, and compare it to external temperatures to avoid waste.

To identify how your business can reducing heating costs – and potentially make zero-investment savings straight away – call Envantage on 0800 054 2577 or email


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