Water Chillers and Free Cooling

Water Chillers and Free Cooling with Envantage

Efficient ways to produce chilled water


The provision of chilled water is vital to many industries for process cooling purposes. It is an energy intensive process, which means you should not miss opportunities to cut costs.

Chilled water can account for a significant proportion of a site’s electricity consumption, especially in the plastics and metal forging industries.

Cost savings achieved by improving energy efficiency can therefore be substantial.


How You Can Cut Costs

In the majority of cases, chilled water is produced using a standard refrigeration cycle. This cycle uses both evaporative and condensing stages to change the thermal state of a refrigerant.

Opportunities to improve efficiency include:

  • High Efficiency Chiller Fans – Many water chillers utilise fan assisted air cooling to expel heat from the condensing stage of the refrigeration cycle. The type of cooling fans used can have a major impact on the energy efficiency of the whole water chiller unit, as the fans directly affect the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, which has knock on effects on all aspects of the refrigeration cycle. Energy efficient fans greatly improve on standard fan design, and can save up to 25% of running costs whilst also reducing maintenance costs.
  • Free Cooling – For some process applications it is possible to significantly reduce the energy costs of providing chilled water by taking advantage of free cooling systems (also known as dry cooling). Such free cooling systems are used in tandem with existing chiller systems to provide chilled water at certain times of the year (temperature dependent), and can save up to 80% of running costs.

Please get in touch to hear about our success stories in your sector. We can also advise you on the appropriate technologies to help you realise significant energy and cost savings, and the best course of action to implement them.


Start Saving with Envantage

Work with us to cut the costs your chilled water provision.

Envantage have extensive experience with the auditing of chilled water systems, and the assessment, planning, and installation of energy efficiency measures to help businesses reduce their costs.

We also offer ENMAT, a monitoring and targeting (M&T) system that can monitor the energy used by your chilled water systems and other ancillary equipment. Staff can use this information to track energy consumption and/or flow rates, and compare it to production figures or other metrics to monitor the performance of the system and controls.

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