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Energy Procurement with Envantage

Fixed energy prices may not be the low risk option they appear to be.


Energy costs are volatile. The market can typically swing by 30% annually, more if there is uncertainty in the market. To insulate themselves against this volatility, many organisations take a 1 in 365 chance on a fixed price contract.

With a fixed price, you gain a high degree of budget certainty but you cannot know if you have the best price, because market prices move throughout the term of your contract.

What happens when the market moves?

Imagine that you could get a lower price for your energy if the market moved downwards during your contract, but you could still enjoy certainty in your budget. With Envantage, you can. Unlock this opportunity for your organisation.

Envantage can offer you both fixed and flexible contracts. Our skilled in-house trading team has experience of working with businesses like yours.

Energy Procurement with Transparent, Open Fee Structures and Honesty

We guarantee transparent charging structures, so you know exactly what you pay for your service, and how. If you don’t know what your current energy broker is charging you, ask Envantage so we can define your costs.

Envantage fully understand that every business will have its own unique contract requirements. To meet these needs, we offer a range of fixed and flexible energy contracts to guarantee the best deal for your organisation.

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