Envantage submits £1m compensation claims for customers

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Envantage submits £1m compensation claims for customers

A compensation scheme is now open to compensate electricity intensive manufacturers for RO and FIT charges on electricity bills. The initiative is designed to reduce energy costs and protect competitiveness on international markets.

Envantage has acted fast and already submitted £1m worth of claims on behalf of its clients.

The effect on the manufacturers’ bottom lines will be substantial.

RO and FIT compensation cannot be backdated, which means that manufacturers who delay to claim will lose out. Envantage is ideally placed to help businesses claim the money back as soon as possible, and continues to take on new clients.

To be eligible for the relief, companies must produce an eligible product in the UK and pass a test to demonstrate that higher electricity prices puts the business at a competitive disadvantage. Claims must then be supported by correct evidence and continued reporting, in line with eligible meter points and extensive scheme rules.

In order to act fast and start saving, manufacturers hand over this administrative burden to Envantage – and simply start collecting the substantial discount from DECC.

The relief equates to approximately 1p/kWh and can amount to a saving of up to 10-15% on the electricity price.


How Envantage can help

Envantage are experts at carbon and energy reporting and compensation schemes.

We assist industries across the UK to claim RO and FIT compensation, by carrying out the required tests and reporting. To find out if your business is eligible and how we can help you claim the relief, please contact us today.


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