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Envantage’s Team Strengthened By Experienced Energy Consultants


More strength in depth to our compliance and sustainability services

Envantage has recruited two highly experienced Energy Consultants to add to our growing Compliance and Sustainability capability.

Russell Monkman joined us in 2018 and is already working with our clients to safeguard regulatory compliance and secure financial rewards. Russ has a vast experience of energy compliance and sustainability, both as an end-user and as a consultant working for businesses in a huge range of sectors.

Russ is a member of the Energy Institute, a Chartered Energy Manager and ESOS Lead Assessor, bringing a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to reinforce our growing team of energy and low carbon specialists.He also holds ISO 50001 Lead Auditor status.

In addition to his proven skills in the execution of ISO 50001 audits, Russ was shortlisted for the Industry Expert category at the 2018 TELCA awards. He has set up EU Emissions Trading Scheme permits, taken part in audits and to verify emissions and made submissions to ETSWAP for clients. He brings more than 30 years’ experience in carbon and energy management, compliance, technical services and the chemicals industry. Russ also has a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a respected and prolific speaker and blogger on a wide range of environmental and energy management topics.

Russ began dealing with energy in the Chemicals sector at Ciba Clayton, looking after their huge site just outside Manchester. Following that experience, he joined a local energy consultancy to help them broaden their energy offering. Since then, Russ has helped hundreds of organisations to obtain, maintain and protect compliance with the various energy schemes throughout the UK. He has also identified countless thousands in savings opportunities with his experienced, practical approach to spotting energy waste.

Michael Holness also brings a wealth of experience, gained in a number of consultancy roles with clients across a wide range of sectors. Mike joined Envantage in early 2019 after spending the last 15 years helping organisations to manage compliance and identify financial savings. Mike is also an ESOS Lead Assessor with the Energy Managers Association.

Mike has worked at major energy consultancy firms, delivering ESOS energy assessments and managing Climate Change Agreements for clients. He also has experience of relevant ISO schemes and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, as well as implementing Automated Monitoring and Targeting on client sites.

Both Russ and Mike bring an enormous breadth and depth of experience to the Envantage team, enabling us to identify and secure savings for more clients and sites and to offer a more hands-on service to our existing customers.

Envantage was incorporated in April 2004 by experienced professionals within the energy supply industry with a vast knowledge of energy efficiency, energy legislation and energy procurement. We have developed our team over the years, building an impressive range of energy management and carbon reduction services. This has been achieved by recruiting highly capable experts in their related fields, like Russ and Mike.

Our stronger team can help your business to achieve more secure savings and to identify opportunities to spend less money on your energy. Get in touch for more details.



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