ESOS 2 is ready to go – are you compliant yet?

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ESOS 2 is ready to go – are you compliant yet?

The second phase of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, known as ESOS 2, is now ready to go, so if your company is caught by this piece of legislation, it’s essential at this point to make sure you comply with ESOS 2 regulations and requirements.

You should now have your required 12 months of data, allowing you to assess your business energy usage, identify energy saving opportunities and start planning to respond to these in accordance with ESOS 2 compliance.

If you haven’t already signed up with a Lead Assessor, now is the time – this puts the necessary experience and expertise in your corner to ensure not only that you comply with ESOS 2 but that you do so in a way that is cost-effective for your business.


Why ESOS 2 delays can be costly

The final deadline for ESOS 2 compliance is December 5th 2019 and while that might seem a long way away, remember that you need 12 months of correctly compiled data in your ESOS 2 report, so it’s not something you can leave until the last minute.

But beating the final ESOS 2 deadline is not just about compliance – it’s also a matter of cost, and every day we move closer to December 5th is another day that the total cost is likely to rise.

As with all processes like this, many businesses do wait until the last minute to compile their ESOS 2 report, and that means Lead Assessors will get busier and busier as 2019 proceeds.

This imbalance of supply and demand drives costs up as those with the necessary expertise face greater and greater time pressures – just as we saw with the first phase of ESOS.

You can be one of the companies that avoids these unnecessary costs in the 2019 ESOS 2 reporting year, just by engaging Envantage as soon as possible to compile and file your report.


Energy saving and cost cutting

The good news is that if done right, ESOS 2 should actually save you money in the long run – and it’s worth genuinely identifying areas for possible energy saving and the associated cost cutting that this delivers.

We have seen typical savings of between 10% and 30% under ESOS so far and will aim to maximise the reduction in operating costs that you are able to achieve when you implement the recommendations made in your report.

It’s rare that compliance and cost cutting go hand in hand – but under ESOS 2 and with Envantage’s help, the savings are there to be made for businesses that act promptly in 2019.

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