ESOS Compliance – How Envantage Can Help

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ESOS Compliance – How Envantage Can Help

ESOS compliance should not be a burden – in fact when it is done well, ESOS compliance carries considerable added value as a way to reduce your energy spend and also your carbon footprint.

This in turn can unlock even more savings particularly for firms operating in energy-intensive industries where carbon offsetting costs are a concern.

But it is important to enter into your ESOS assessment with the correct approach in mind, so that you benefit from the maximum possible energy savings, and don’t just face added costs due to ESOS compliance.

Either way, it is important to make sure you comply with ESOS if you are a large UK-based organisation or a corporate parent group, as ESOS compliance is likely to be mandatory for you.


About ESOS

ESOS is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and is mandatory for large UK firms and corporate groups. Failure to comply can lead to civil penalties and costly fines.

An ESOS audit will quantify the energy used by your company, from your premises to your transportation and any energy-intensive industrial processes, all with a view to identifying possible areas to make energy savings.

These savings are designed to be cost-effective for participating companies – you should not lose money overall – with a projected total saving of nearly £2 billion for UK businesses by 2030.


Envantage help with ESOS

Our expert team have already audited around one billion kWh of energy usage to ISO 50002 standard and we can help you with ESOS compliance too.

We can confirm that you qualify for ESOS and make sure that we add as much value as possible to your ESOS audit and compliance, with full support on any recommendations we make.

Our approved lead assessors take a business-focussed approach to minimise any fines you face and maximise cost savings and energy reductions, typically achieving in the range of 10-30%.

Clients benefit from our high-quality ESOS reports, delivered in a timely manner, to help tackle the most demanding of timelines when you need to catch up with your ESOS compliance obligations.

Find out more about ESOS and other energy efficiency schemes on our Compliance Management pages or visit our Downloads section for our PDF guides.

You can contact Envantage directly on 0800 054 2577 or to arrange an ESOS audit or to ask for our help in determining whether or not your company qualifies for mandatory ESOS compliance.

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