ESOS Phase 2 update

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ESOS Phase 2 update

You may have received the Environment Agency ESOS newsletter which was sent out earlier this month. We have received some queries relating to the information within the newsletter and hopefully, the details below will help provide clarification.

Please visit here for further details on ESOS qualification criteria:

What are the routes to ESOS compliance?

1) ISO 50001 certification*
2) Display Energy Certificates (DECs)*
3) Green Deal Assessments (GDAs)*
4) ESOS compliant energy audits

*only a complete compliance route if covers 90 % of total energy – otherwise can be used as partial compliance only

Further details:
The most common route for compliance is ESOS compliant energy audits. It is the ESOS energy audit route that the attached newsletter relates to and further details on the timeframes for compliance via this route are detailed below.

What is the earliest date I can take action to comply with ESOS?


Further details:
You will not be able to assess whether you qualify for Phase 2 of ESOS until the 31st of December 2018 qualification date. Nor will you be able to carry out the assessment of which buildings or transport need to be included in your 90 % audit boundary.

However, if you are confident that you will qualify based on the qualification criteria and you know of certain sites or transport that will be included in your 90 % energy boundary, then it might be worth getting a head start. As detailed in the Environment Agency newsletter, the benefits of doing this are:

– Help with planning your energy audits
– Minimise disruption
– Minimise potential problems
– Potentially reduce costs
– Benefit from the survey opportunities earlier
– Greater focus on implementation

What is the latest date I need to take action to comply with ESOS?

Audits must be carried out, written up, and signed off by no later than 5th December 2019

Further details:
The deadline for complying with the scheme is the 5th of December 2019. Before ESOS can be signed off, the below key requirements need to be completed:

1) 100 % energy consumption across buildings and transport quantified (based on 12 months including 31st December 2018)
2) 90 % energy boundary drawn
3) Audits carried out covering the 90 % boundary
4) Audit findings are written up
5) ESOS compliance signed off by lead assessor

During phase 1 of ESOS compliance, there was a high demand for ESOS auditors and lead assessors leading up to the final ESOS compliance deadline. This can result in increased costs due to high competition for ESOS support and can put pressure on companies to provide supporting information within tight timeframes. This also is likely to be the case as the phase 2 deadline approaches.

Next steps

To get a step ahead with your ESOS compliance, avoid increased costs due to high demand, and avoid pressure to meet deadlines within a tight timeframe, please contact Envantage to get your ESOS audits booked in now.

If you would like any further information on the above, or anything relating to ESOS in general, please contact Envantage and we will be happy to discuss any queries you have.

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