ESOS Already Resulting in Net Cost Savings, According to UK Government.

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ESOS Already Resulting in Net Cost Savings, According to UK Government.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) evaluation report in late February.


The report looks at how effective energy audits and energy reporting have been, particularly relating to the ESOS scheme, and gives us some encouraging findings:

Key Statistics

According to the research, significant measures taken by organisations to improve their efficiency have been associated with the ESOS scheme:

  • 38% of all implemented or planned energy efficiency measures;
  • 32% of all fuel efficiency measures;
  • 1.65 TWh saved as a result of changes made to buildings;
  • 0.52 TWh savings from fuel efficiency;
  • 1.51 TWh savings from changes to industrial processes.

Other Findings

The study also found that ESOS had encouraged audits in many businesses for the first time, resulting in better data gathering, more discussion about opportunities and improved awareness of energy or fuel consumption and associated cost.

ESOS identified brand new energy saving opportunities for some audited businesses, and in other cases it gave better validation of efficiency measures that were already planned, making the audits more valuable.

According to the report, 37% of organisations said that ‘changes made as a result of ESOS had already led to net cost savings’. Increased staff productivity and reputational benefits were also attributed by businesses to the ESOS process.

What Should Your Company Do?

If your organisation has had a ESOS report, don’t limit your ESOS involvment to a regulatory box-ticking exercise. The recommendations in your ESOS report are aimed at reducing energy consumption, and that will save your business money.

Speak to Envantage Ltd about taking steps to reduce your energy consumption and improve your bottom line profitability.

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