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Flexible energy purchasing from Envantage Ltd

Fully Flexible Energy Buying with Budget Certainty

Envantage Ltd understands that every business has its own unique contract requirements and attitude to risk. To meet your needs, we offer a range of fixed and flexible energy contracts to guarantee the best deal for your organisation. Our in-house trading team ensures that whichever contract you choose will be secured using expert market insight.

The Envantage Trade Desk gives you direct access to the energy markets, removing the margins applied by energy suppliers. Specially designed, bespoke flexible procurement arrangements allow the budget certainty usually associated with fixed price contracts, whilst delivering the benefits of full flexible procurement.

Our expert team works with the energy markets on your behalf, providing insight, analysis and assistance – Informing your decisions and securing the best deal for your organisation.

Why Choose Flexible Procurement from Envantage?

Buying energy on a fixed price contract may be the best option for some: budget certainty and predictable outcomes may be more important than maximising savings. However, flexible procurement with Envantage Ltd enables your business to unlock savings whilst protecting your budget for up to several years ahead.

Envantage have created three distinct flexible procurement products that allow you to meet your budget needs while managing your appetite for risk:

Defender :
– Great for Budgetary Certainty with a fixed price for each year of your contract

Advantage :
– Great for Budget Certainty and High Performance; an agreed price for each year and a performance rebate at each anniversary

Optimiser :
– Great for Price Optimisation with a fully managed aggressive strategy

For Smaller Businesses

Envantage can assess your suitability to join a basket, giving the benefits of flexible purchasing through collective buying arrangements.

Envantage can help you to achieve your energy procurement objectives. Call Envantage today on 0800 054 2577 or email savings@envantage.co.uk.

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