Get ready for Business Clean Up Day on February 27th

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Get ready for Business Clean Up Day on February 27th

Business Clean Up Day is an Australian initiative, but it’s one that companies the world over can use to inspire carbon reduction, energy saving initiatives and better procurement of electricity and water.

The organisers of Business Clean Up Day say that becoming a member of the low-carbon economy is an effective way to “capture the climate-conscious consumer”.

But of course it is also good news for the planet, whether you decide to clean up your own business premises and activities, or a nearby public park, beach or other communal space for the good of your neighbours.

And while the official Business Clean Up Day is on Tuesday February 27th, that should not stop you from holding your own event on a different day if it is more convenient for you to do so.

What can we do?

Give some thought to your own business and how you could clean up your practices, for example through green electricity procurement or more resource-efficient water procurement.

If you want to make an investment into your energy efficiency, on-site renewable energy generation is a good option, and could help to give your company more energy independence in case the mains supply is ever interrupted.

But you can also start relatively small, for example by giving staff a few hours out of the office to clean up the outdoor areas of your business premises and any nearby litter eyesores.

The list of case studies shared by the organisers includes several examples of companies doing just that – including one organisation that collects flotsam and jetsam from the beach and turns it into works of art.

Eliminating e-waste

Even if you can’t get out of the office – and it’s hard to predict what the weather will be like in late February – there are measures you can take from inside your own premises.

Display Energy Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates can help to identify any areas of potential energy savings, but you might want to start with your own email inbox.

Business data centres consume huge amounts of power, not only to keep equipment switched on 24/7 but also to keep it cooled, so eliminating redundant data is a great first step.

Encourage all your employees to clean up old items from their inbox and other email folders, empty their deleted items and junk folders of anything that’s no longer needed, and delete old drafts from their server space, and you could free up some valuable resources in your data centre in the space of an afternoon.

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