How can renewables and microgeneration help me and my business?

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How can renewables and microgeneration help me and my business?

Renewable energy and on-site microgeneration have huge significance for British businesses in topic areas as diverse as carbon costs, climate change and energy security, not to mention preparedness for any unwelcome economic impacts of Brexit on cross-border energy supplies.

On-site generation allows you to capitalise on the environmental benefits of your location – whether that happens to be solar, wind, biomass, anaerobic digestion and gasification, or combined heat and power – to supply your premises with electricity, heating and hot water, without paying for energy from the mains grid.

Envantage can help you to access any relevant incentive schemes, for example the Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed-In Tariffs and the Renewables Obligation market, plus any future initiatives that are made available by the UK government.

We can also help you to maximise the economic advantage of on-site microgeneration by selling surplus power generated on your premises back to the grid for use by other local businesses and residents, allowing you to contribute to the energy security of your community and the UK as a whole.

This naturally ties into the broader topic of renewable energy in general, allowing you to meet your environmental responsibility commitments, reduce your net carbon footprint, and avoid paying expensive tariffs for fossil fuels and any associated costs per carbon kilo equivalent.


How to choose the right renewable energy technology?

The various incentive schemes, energy technologies and power purchase agreements all add up to a complex decision when choosing which types of on-site microgeneration to use on your property, which stems both from the financial impact of installing the technology, and a consideration of its potential energy output.

Envantage can help you to decide, working closely with the relevant manufacturers, investors and installers to make sure you get the correct renewable energy solution, which will provide you with the most positive economic impact over the long term.

We work with a long list of installers and manufacturers of renewable energy generating equipment, and have worked on substantial projects with output in excess of 5 MWp (megawatt peak, a unit that describes the maximum theoretical output of the system).

If you need external funding to cover the upfront costs of buying and installing renewable power equipment, we can advise on those aspects too.

To find out more, contact us today to speak to one of our renewable energy and microgeneration consultants on 0800 054 2577 or email and we will arrange a discussion or on-site audit of your renewable energy needs.

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