How do I reduce carbon emissions for my business?

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How do I reduce carbon emissions for my business?

Taking the decision to reduce carbon emissions from a business is a sensible step in the current climate – both the business climate and the environmental one too.

Envantage offer a highly effective carbon management programme, based on real understanding and measured evidence of your greenhouse gas emissions, and a comprehensive suite of solutions to reduce carbon emissions from your business.

Our services include:

  • Carbon footprinting.
  • Carbon emission reduction.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions quantification.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project reporting.
  • GHG inventory verification.

We work to the highest of standards, adhering to global conventions to not only provide you with the best data, but also the reassurance that our results are verified under ISO 14064.


What is carbon footprinting?

Carbon footprinting a business is about understanding the total quantity of carbon emissions generated by your business activities, from on-site energy usage, to transportation and supply chain emissions.

By taking demonstrable action to measure, monitor and target your carbon emissions – and particularly to target business carbon emission reductions over the long term – you meet the expectations of modern consumers and adhere to your own corporate responsibility pledges.

Envantage can help by using robust methodology and accurate techniques to yield the most reliable figures possible in your compiled reports.


What is ISO 14064 verification?

ISO 14064 is an independent standard that applies to quantifying and reporting greenhouse gases at organisation level.

By adhering to this standard, you can make bold claims about the size of your carbon footprint and any reductions in business carbon emissions that you achieve.

You can do this because your data is in line with independent verification standards, and therefore directly comparable with that reported publicly by other businesses.

If you have existing GHG inventories, it is quite possible that these already meet international standards. Envantage can verify this for you, giving you an even more stable platform on which to reduce business carbon emissions in the immediate future.


What is the Carbon Disclosure Project?

The Carbon Disclosure Project was founded in 2000 and is a UK-based, globally applicable reporting scheme under which many organisations around the world voluntarily disclose their GHG emissions, carbon footprint, climate change strategy and/or carbon reduction achievements.

Participants report on an annual basis and while the scheme is voluntary, failure to participate generally reflects badly on larger organisations.

Envantage have a track record of achieving above-average scores when working with firms that disclose under CDP.

To find out more about how we can help you to reduce business carbon footprints while boosting your CDP score above the average for your industry, email or call us on 0800 054 2577.

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