How Envantage can help with ESOS Phase 2

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How Envantage can help with ESOS Phase 2

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy saving scheme for large businesses and corporate groups that aims to help protect the environment, while cutting business energy costs by as much as £1.6 billion by 2030.

For most large organisations it should be familiar already, and many businesses throughout the UK will have already carried out at least one detailed energy audit, and may have followed up on some of the suggestions made to cut business energy use and reduce energy costs as a result.

Envantage have worked with businesses to audit energy budgets ranging from £100,000 to more than £4 million, helping them to achieve ESOS compliance and make energy savings to cut costs and carbon alike.

If you are large enough for ESOS to be mandatory, then it requires you to carry out energy assessments at least once every four years, including audits of your industrial processes, along with energy consumed in your buildings and by your transport fleet.

For ESOS to be mandatory, you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • A UK company with more than 250 employees based in the UK and abroad.
  • A UK company with less than 250 employees but which has:
    • Annual turnover of more than €50 million.
    • A balance sheet of more than €43 million.
  • Belong to a corporate group in which one entity meets either of the above criteria.

If you are affected, then the upcoming deadline to comply with ESOS Phase 2 is coming sooner than you might think.


When is the ESOS Phase 2 deadline?

The official deadline to comply with ESOS Phase 2 is December 5th 2019. However, it is worth remembering that your reference year for that data will include December 5th 2018 – so you can start collating that data immediately.

Envantage can help with this. We have qualified Lead Assessors who can provide a free assessment to check whether you qualify for ESOS or not, and can then support you through ESOS compliance as necessary.

We will recommend efficiency improvements that not only protect you against fines and penalties under ESOS 2, but which are commercially viable to deliver cost savings over the long term too.

The sooner you act, the better – our Lead Assessors will be in considerable demand as the deadline approaches, and we are keen to work with as many companies as possible ahead of time to be able to deliver the best possible efficiency improvements.


What our ESOS 2 compliance service provides

Our ESOS 2 Lead Assessors are approved by the Environment Agency to compile evidence on your behalf, and to prepare this as an evidence pack that is fully compliant not just with ESOS, but specifically with ESOS Phase 2.

This means we can:

  • Carry out an ISO 50002 audit by one of our Chartered Energy Managers.
  • Identify energy savings typically in the region of 10-30%.
  • Make recommendations that support your future energy management plans.
  • Help you to implement any recommended changes that we make.

Our advice is impartial and based on extensive knowledge of the energy sector, but always on your side when driving cost savings and ESOS 2 compliance as the December 2019 deadline approaches.

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