How Envantage can help you with energy procurement

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How Envantage can help you with energy procurement

The best energy procurement services can save your business huge amounts of money over the long term, with those savings starting from day one in a climate of high wholesale energy prices.

At Envantage we can help with business energy procurement by suggesting the best business energy tariffs currently available on the market and the kinds of deals that are worth making to lock in those prices.

If you want to retain some flexibility and freedom, that’s fine too, as we can offer flexible business energy procurement to give you the option of changing to a different tariff or supplier if your circumstances change.

Fixed energy procurement

Fixed business energy deals allow you to lock in the best business energy tariffs currently available on the market, by agreeing to a minimum term contract with your new supplier, or switching to a fixed tariff with your existing supplier.

This can help with long-term business expense planning, as you gain peace of mind that your wholesale energy unit price will remain the same for the duration of your deal.

Business energy procurement recognises that you will be buying in bulk – so with the right negotiations, backed by a fixed energy contract over a specific term, there can be substantial savings made by switching supplier.

Flexible energy procurement

We appreciate that not everybody wants to be bound by a long-term business energy supply contract, so if you prefer, we can arrange fully flexible contracts too.

These still allow you to benefit from the cheapest business energy tariffs at the present time, as well as negotiation over the amount of energy you will use and the best unit price.

But they leave you with control over when you switch again in the future – perfect for businesses with changing energy demands or if you don’t want to be tied to a single supplier for the foreseeable future.

Green electricity procurement

Finally, we can focus on green electricity procurement if you want to improve the environmental profile of your business energy use.

With the correct clean electricity procurement, you can arrange a supply that qualifies as certified low-carbon or even zero-carbon for the purposes of greenhouse gas reporting.Not all business energy products that claim to provide clean energy actually meet the reporting requirements – so to get the help of our experts on this and any general business energy procurement, contact Envantage on 0800 054 2577 or email

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