How to procure green energy

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How to procure green energy

Green energy procurement is unfortunately more complicated than just choosing a tariff with ‘green’ in the name, as not all business energy tariffs that claim eco credentials actually meet the standards required to gain credit for your company under greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting rules.

To make sure you procure green energy tariffs that actually qualify, you need a certain amount of expertise both in business energy procurement and in GHG reporting – areas where Envantage can help you to maximise your cost savings and carbon emission reductions.


Why does green energy procurement matter?

In the past, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, or GHGP, did not take green business energy procurement into account. Instead it only measured savings made in two ways:

  • Improvements in energy efficiency.
  • Direct carbon footprint reduction plans.

However, more recently this has changed, thanks to new rules on reporting GHG emissions and the introduction of a larger number of relevant green business energy tariffs across the market.

But this has also complicated matters, as not all tariffs that claim to be green or clean are up to the specific standards required to qualify towards reducing your calculated carbon footprint.

If you want to make sure your business energy tariff counts towards your GHG figures, you need to factor this in during your green energy procurement process.


How to procure qualifying green energy tariffs

This is a complex area, as green energy procurement should not be an ‘at all costs’ process – you still want to obtain green energy tariffs that offer good value for money and raise your brand value rather than harming your bottom line.

But it can be hard to strike the right balance between tariffs that deliver energy at the lowest cost per unit and those that allow for savings to be made in other areas, such as costs associated with your carbon footprint.

At Envantage we work hard to keep abreast of the different green energy tariffs on the market, so that we can identify which tariffs qualify to offset your carbon emissions, and which offer the best value in real terms, and not just in upfront unit price.


Get Envantage’s help with green energy procurement

Our experts are here with detailed, in-depth knowledge of the current business green energy market to identify the best tariffs currently available for your company.

To work with us on your upcoming green energy procurement plans, email or call us on 0800 054 2577 and we can start the process towards obtaining cleaner, greener energy for your business at a price that offers maximum value.

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