Introducing the ENMAT Portable Data Logger

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Introducing the ENMAT Portable Data Logger

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Product Description

The ENMAT Portable Data Logger combines the ENMAT Lite Data Logger and a ENMAT 3 phase Smart Meter to provide an all-in-one monitoring solution.
The ENMAT Portable Data Logger comes with split core CT clamps (0.333VAC) which can be installed without any supply disruption as the clamps cannot produce dangerously high voltages at the output.

Real power can be recorded by connecting to the voltage taps to measure consumption (kWh) and reactive power (kVArh).

Equipped with a battery backed clock that automatically updates the time from the internet, the built-in ENMAT Lite Data Logger ensures energy consumption data is accurately recorded.

The ENMAT Portable Data Logger is ideal for sites that have not yet sub-metered and wish to gain an understanding of energy usage across the site.

The ENMAT Portable Data Logger is the first step to enable Energy Managers to monitor energy before permanent metering is undertaken.
Data can be recorded automatically into the built-in ENMAT Lite Data Logger. From here the data can be auto emailed through the ENMAT Portable Data Logger’s Ethernet connection to the internet.
Where no internet connection is available a GSM modem can be connected.

Alternatively record data for a period of time and send the unit back to Envantage ENMAT where we can upload the data to the ENMAT Cloud Software.

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