Major retailer gets coveted A- forestry score with Envantage

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Major retailer gets coveted A- forestry score with Envantage


A home shopping retailer has achieved the ‘Leadership’ A- score in the influential CDP Forests Program, sending a strong positive message to investors, after a strategy program undertaken with Envantage.

The company initially approached Envantage in 2015 about forestry disclosure, having little formal policy or planning in place.

Their sustainability credentials are now officially labelled as industry-leading by the CDP Forests Program (formerly Forestry Disclosure Project), with significant benefits for brand value.

Deforestation and forest degradation account for 10-15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and “is a real business risk”, says the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The CDP acts globally on behalf of investors who wish to understand how companies are addressing their exposure to such risks.

The major retailer has now successfully responded to stakeholder expectations.

Envantage’s consultants initially highlighted the positive actions that the company was already undertaking behind the scenes, and developed these into formal forestry strategies with appropriate teams and policies.

On this basis, the company achieved a good opening score of B when first reporting to the Forestry Disclosure Project in 2015.

By continuing to work with Envantage on effective reporting, they have now elevated their performance in 2016 to achieve the A- Leadership score – a well-deserved result and a resounding success.

Should you report to the CDP Forests Program in 2017, or boost your scores?


How Envantage can help

We will help you reach your targets and boost stakeholder confidence.

Envantage has extensive experience with CDP and forestry reporting, including for global companies, with an excellent track record of optimising the allocated scores and developing the necessary strategies.

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