Meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment with Envantage carbon management

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Meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment with Envantage carbon management

Envantage’s carbon management services help you to meet your environmental obligations, including the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, as well as reporting under the Carbon Disclosure Project, carbon footprinting and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions.


Together, these carbon management services provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions to optimise carbon footprints across all areas of your operations, not only to meet regulatory and legislative environmental commitments, but also to achieve cost savings wherever possible.


CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme – the Carbon Reduction Commitment


The Carbon Reduction Commitment, now officially the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme but often just referred to as CRC, is mandatory for large energy-intensive businesses in both the private and public sectors in the UK.


It is ambitious – with long-term goals to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by 60-80% by 2050, compared with baseline levels from 1990.


By 2020, an interim goal aims to cut carbon emissions by at least 1.2 million tonnes, and achieving this depends on concerted efforts from private businesses as well as from those in the public sector.


In the early days of the scheme, a league table was compiled showing the best performing brands – with the major supermarkets among these along with Manchester United FC, this provided an indication that cutting carbon is not just for industrial operators, but has broad reach across many sectors including retail and sport.


Carbon Disclosure Project


The Carbon Disclosure Project, or CDP, is a global, voluntary scheme – unlike the CRC which is mandatory for large, energy-intensive organisations – but participation makes good sense if you want to send a positive message to your shareholders.


At Envantage we have been working on CDP reporting for many years, and typically achieve quantifiable above-average results compared with CDP participants as a whole.


Like our other carbon management services and environmental services as a whole, we can offer joined-up thinking on your approach to carbon measurement and disclosure, helping to maximise the CDP points awarded to you, for the best possible positive impact on customers and investors.


Carbon Footprints and GHG Quantification


Along with the specific services mentioned above, we have a wealth of experience in carbon footprinting and greenhouse gas quantification, which means we are able to measure and meter your carbon and GHG emissions from the outset as a precursor to making quantifiable progress in those areas.


This gives you direct insight into any carbon reductions or GHG reductions made, and means that you already know how well you are performing before you send your data off to the CDP or CRC for their verification.

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