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Mobilising your workforce is critical to reducing your energy consumption and carbon emissions, but this requires a considered approach to capture their imagination and enthusiasm for a new way of doing things.

Envantage is at the forefront of best practice in this area, with EnCO-accredited consultants among the team – a comprehensive programme designed to encourage greater energy efficiency for all organisations using behaviour change as a bedrock.

Empowering your people to drive positive change

First, we need to get a clear picture of what is happening on site before we even think about delivering any training.

From there, we develop a bespoke curriculum for selected staff members. We find workshop conditions in small groups work best to trigger positive behavioural change in how energy is used.

The real work starts once everyone leaves the training room, which is why we capture all the ideas from the workshops into a focussed action plan. To ensure everything stays on track, we also help you establish a core team to drive and champion positive change.

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“Plastek continues to be extremely grateful to Envantage for their ongoing support which will benefit us in the future to hone our targets for energy usage, and to enable us to communicate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to our customers.”

Mick Shaw
General Manager, Plastek UK


With a keen strategic focus, Envantage began by helping Plastek to better understand its place within the global supply chain, how its behaviours affect carbon emissions and where there is most potential for improvement.

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