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The low-carbon world is the one we all must inhabit, even the most energy-intensive organisations.

There are no short-cuts, side steps or free passes to this destination but we have the expertise and know-how to help you get there.

Targeted change and effective control are the principles that underpin any successful low-carbon strategy. Our specialist consultants can help you to identify the specific changes you can make in your organisation to reduce carbon, as well as the controls you will need to implement to optimise energy usage.

Our carbon & energy services

We understand that energy is the lifeblood of your business and we have the strategies and tools to help you manage it in a way that will not only bring efficiencies and savings, but also new and exciting possibilities for the way you operate. From on-site generation to establishing commercial opportunities from more sustainable practices, our 360◦ approach to low-carbon and energy is rooted in powering your business performance.

We can help you with:
Net Zero | Carbon Neutrality | Greenhouse Gas Quantification | Energy Audits | ISO Energy Management Standards | Carbon Disclosure Project | ENMAT Advisor | EnCO™ Accredited Training

Carbon Roadmap Programme

Carbon reduction involves change, and we understand that effecting change, particularly in large organisations, can be difficult. Wherever you are in your low carbon journey, our consultants will take the time to understand your unique situation and devise a tailored approach that brings everyone on board.

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Energy Management

Energy management is about being in control of how much you use, when and where. Our chartered energy managers are adept at embedding a best practice programme that ties in with an organisation’s objectives from both a commercial and ESG perspective.

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Awareness Training

Mobilising your workforce is fundamental to reducing your energy consumption and carbon emissions, but this requires a considered approach to capture their imagination and enthusiasm for a new way of doing things.

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Effective monitoring is central to embedding a low carbon approach within your organisation, as well as meeting any regulatory obligations. But, amid all the other operational pressures you are facing, we understand that you need laser sharp insight at the touch of the button.

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With a keen strategic focus, Envantage began by helping Plastek to better understand its place within the global supply chain, how its behaviours affect carbon emissions and where there is most potential for improvement.

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Our carbon & energy experts

Colin Hindmarsh


Philip Alletson


Jessica Harris

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

Russell Monkman

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

Dr Dave Allen

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

Thomas Crean

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

Matt Cooper

Procurement Sales Manager

Michael Holness

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

Liam Maddison

Carbon & Energy Consultant

Tom Cunningham

Carbon & Energy Administrator

Dave Clarke

IT & ENMAT Manager

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