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Understanding and controlling costs are vital elements of any successful business, so it's important to find effective ways of managing your energy spend over time.

We have the expertise and strategic tools to help you.

Our procurement specialists have a forensic knowledge of how the energy markets work and can pinpoint the right strategy to help take advantage of price movements, while maintaining tight control. We will work with you to manage cost volatility, maximise savings and support your long-term commercial goals.

Our procurement Services

When it comes to purchasing, we understand the need for clarity in terms of both price and risk. Our experts will help you manage your costs with a strategy that complements your business objectives now and in the long term. From budget certainty to cost minimisation, our commercially-led approach to procurement is built on your needs and backed by years of proven expertise, all geared towards improving your bottom line results.

We can help you with:
Energy Procurement Risk Management | Fixed Price Energy Contracts | Flexible Energy Purchasing | Bill Validation | Tariff Analysis | Cost Recovery | Metering & Connections Services

Flexible Energy Purchasing

With the right flexible procurement strategy, it’s possible to align the control of your energy costs to your long-term business planning. Our expert consultants will help you to take advantage of the energy markets, bringing valuable insights on how they can work for your business.

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Fixed Price Energy Contracts

A fixed approach can be a good choice to secure strong budgetary control if your energy consumption is predictable. With energy prices fluctuating from season to season, month to month and day to day, engaging with our experts early on maximises your chances of achieving the best fixed rate for your organisation.

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Procurement Strategy Review

Our expert consultants have the knowledge and experience to quickly and clearly identify an optimum approach to energy purchasing that fits with your appetite for risk and long-term goals.

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Bureau Services

You need to be confident in the accuracy of your energy charges. In our experience, we regularly see billing mistakes resulting in discrepancies of between 1% and 2% on annual electricity bills and as much as 2.5% on gas bills. For those with a large annual energy spend it can equate to savings into the tens of thousands.

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Connections, supply upgrades & metering

Major energy users cannot afford to miss out on key savings from compensation schemes such as climate change agreements (CCA), Energy Intensive Industry discounts (EII), and the Min-Met CCL Exemption Scheme. Our experts are adept at securing qualification for these schemes – often where others have said it isn’t possible.

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With a keen strategic focus, Envantage began by helping Plastek to better understand its place within the global supply chain, how its behaviours affect carbon emissions and where there is most potential for improvement.

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Our procurement experts

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Trading & Risk Manager

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Trading & Risk Manager

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