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Securing your business energy supply in a cost-effective way is a key challenge for all companies right now.

Especially for those in energy-intensive industries.

We understand the financial risk that energy costs have presented for businesses like yours in the past couple of years. And our specialist team of consultants is on hand ensure that you don’t pay too much.

Our procurement services

When it comes to purchasing, we understand the need for clarity in terms of both price and risk. Our experts will help you manage your costs with a strategy that complements your business objectives now and in the long term. From budget certainty to cost minimisation, our commercially-led approach to procurement is built on your needs and backed by years of proven expertise, all geared towards improving your bottom line results.

We can help you with:
Energy Procurement Risk Management | Fixed Price Energy Contracts | Flexible Energy Purchasing | Bill Validation | Tariff Analysis | Cost Recovery | Metering & Connections Services

Flexible Energy Purchasing

With the right flexible procurement strategy, it’s possible to align the control of your energy costs to your long-term business planning. Our expert consultants will help you to take advantage of the energy markets, bringing valuable insights on how they can work for your business.

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Fixed Price Energy Contracts

A fixed approach can be a good choice to secure strong budgetary control if your energy consumption is predictable. With energy prices fluctuating from season to season, month to month and day to day, engaging with our experts early on maximises your chances of achieving the best fixed rate for your organisation.

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Procurement Strategy Review

Our expert consultants have the knowledge and experience to quickly and clearly identify an optimum approach to energy purchasing that fits with your appetite for risk and long-term goals.

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Envantage Trading Desk

Our commitment to service excellence
We’re proud of the strong and lasting relationships we have established with our 100-strong client base. We think this commitment to service excellence is what sets us apart from other providers.

We’re here to listen to what you need
We work in partnership with our clients, listening closely to what they want to achieve and bringing our knowledge and experience of the energy market to help secure the best possible solution for your organisation.

They tell us they like the fact that they know the people who are delivering their services, and that we spend time getting under the skin of their business.

By working closely with our clients in this way, we can ensure their procurement strategy is tailored to meet their individual needs.

“When market electricity prices climbed to unprecedented levels in December 2021, had we not worked in partnership with Envantage on a risk-managed approach to energy purchasing, we would have been subject to an additional exposure of £8.9 million in just one year of increased electricity prices.”

Nick Cunningham
Don & Low

“A very professional and thoughtful approach that met all our requirements. A strong range of expertise and capability with a client-focussed approach, putting our needs and the needs of our residents and staff before all else. A very valuable collaboration that will set the energy strategy for the business for years to come.”

Joel Turner
Barchester Healthcare

“Envantage support Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) with multiple different energy and sustainability related services. The special thing about Envantage is they are wholly invested in making sure the solutions work right for us, and are not an organisation that just walks away once the piece of work is completed. They will ensure success no matter what. They have been a great partner for us at kp as we continue to progress our sustainability agenda.”

Ethan O'Brien
Group Energy Manager, Klöckner Pentaplast

“Plastek continues to be extremely grateful to Envantage for their ongoing support which will benefit us in the future to hone our targets for energy usage, and to enable us to communicate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to our customers.”

Mick Shaw
General Manager, Plastek UK

Our procurement experts

Richard King

Trading & Risk Manager

Graeme Barry

Trading & Risk Manager

Meri Bortsvadze

Energy Trader

Riya Mathew

Procurement Analyst

Jonathan Hunter

Vision M&T, Energy Networks, and Metering Manager

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