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Three carbon & energy priorities for 2023


Three carbon & energy priorities for 2023

During the past 12 months, we have seen unprecedented disruption to global energy markets sending prices sky rocketing.

While government intervention has helped to reduce the full impact, we understand why energy costs will continue to be among the chief business concerns going into 2023. We know this is a difficult trading environment with rising prices across the board, coupled with high energy bills, making the cost of doing business incredibly challenging.

That’s why we have identified three priorities for your organisation to consider in the coming year to have the maximum impact on reducing your energy bills, while at the same time helping to meet both your regulatory responsibilities and your net zero milestones.

1. Harness the savings from the power you dont use

Look again at past energy efficiency reports – scrutinise the recommendations and ensure you have put all the necessary measures in place to eliminate energy wastage. With the ESOS phase 3 deadline looming, don’t delay as you will only be putting off the opportunity to benefit from the savings it can deliver.

2. Consider on-site generation for the most significant savings

We sometimes see businesses put a disproportionate emphasis and effort into shaving a couple of pence off the energy contract price when the most substantial savings are to be found in other areas.

In the past, you may have dismissed proposals for on-site generation because they would not deliver the necessary payback quickly enough but that’s all changed now with capital expenditure often recovered in less than a year. With energy prices unlikely to ever return to pre-October 2020 levels, there’s every reason to consider on-site generation as soon as possible.

Once you’ve determined the right approach to on-site generation, it’s important to work with trusted installation partners and we can make recommendations from Envantage’s expert network. 

3. Keep focused on decarbonisation

Don’t be tempted to adopt a short-term approach by investing in plant and machinery that won’t help to decarbonise your operations. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

Too often we see businesses investing in replacing ‘like for like’ with marginal efficiency gains in a newer model when there are far more significant benefits to be gained from newer low carbon technologies.

Before making major capital investment decisions, such as a new steam boiler, consider how it fits with building a sustainable future for your business. And remember, you can always get in touch with one of our expert consultants to ensure you’ve considered all the available options.

If you have questions about how your business can make savings, get in touch at



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