Reclaim Historic Water Charges

Challenging Water Companies with Envantage

Challenge your water company to secure refunds

Approximately 25% of companies have been routinely overcharged for water. Does this include your company?

Unlike your other utilities, the water industry in the UK is still largely run by regional monopolies. Although deregulation is underway, water supply has suffered from a lack of genuine competition, relatively poor customer service and over charging.

Despite this, the appeals process to secure refunds is an evidence based system with the burden of proof lying with the customer.

If you have been overcharged, supporting information has to be provided by you to the satisfaction of the water company. Water companies are also able to limit refunds in their favour, within their own charging scheme.

That’s why professional assistance with this process is cost-effective – and will substantially boost your chances of success.

How will you benefit?

By working with Envantage to challenge your water company, you can benefit from refunds, credit notes, reduction or cancellation of charges relating to factors such as:

  • surface water charges, water charges, trade effluent and non-return to sewer
  • leakage
  • meter size
  • incorrect tariffs and consolidated accounts

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