What is metering, monitoring and targeting?

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What is metering, monitoring and targeting?

Energy metering, monitoring and targeting is all about knowing what energy you use, where you use it and how much you could stand to save – both in terms of energy consumption and the price you pay for it – by optimising the different areas of your premises.

To understand this better, ask yourself two questions:

  1. How much energy do you use?
  2. How much energy would you like to save?

Most businesses would likely claim to know the answer to the first question, based on the bills you receive from your utility provider, whereas far fewer have an immediate answer to the second question.

But there are a number of problems with this:

  • What if your supplier’s meter is poorly calibrated?
  • What if you could generate your own energy on-site?
  • What if different areas of your premises use different amounts of energy?

Energy metering is about knowing exactly how much energy you use across each location on your site – from energy intensive industry and manufacturing, to the lights and computers in your offices – and making sure you are only charged for the energy you use.


How energy monitoring can help

Energy monitoring in itself does not aim to reduce your energy usage, but merely to refocus attention on how much you use – a kind of mindfulness and self-awareness surrounding your on-site energy consumption.

However, this naturally has an effect to make yourself and your staff more aware of when energy-consuming systems and machinery are switched on, and can instantly start to reduce energy wastage.

This is even before you take any actions designed to specifically reduce your energy consumption, or to make your systems and processes more energy efficient – making monitoring a useful first step in any cost-cutting exercise.


Taking targeting to the next level

Once you know what you are using and have trimmed immediate energy wastage through careful monitoring, you can start to identify deeper efficiencies in specific areas of your site, for even greater economic benefits.

In the first year alone, overall savings of around 5% are realistic just through energy monitoring and targeting – not to mention any savings made through more accurate metering of the energy you use.

To find out more about how Envantage can help you to meter, monitor and target your energy use effectively, contact one of our consultants today on 0800 054 2577 or email savings@envantage.co.uk for a prompt reply.

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