Worrying statistics show just 120 businesses are ESOS compliant

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Worrying statistics show just 120 businesses are ESOS compliant


In February we reported that Half of manufacturers don’t know about ESOS.

Now, with less than four months to go to the deadline, just a tiny fraction of the estimated 10,000-plus businesses that fall under the new energy efficiency scheme have met their legal requirements.

A recent report has raised major concerns regarding ESOS compliance deadlines.

  • 88 firms must comply, every single day, in order to meet UK ESOS deadlines by December 5th
  • 60 per cent of companies have not set a budget to conduct their ESOS audits. Some may be waiting for their next financial year to release their auditing budgets.
  • 53% of firms interviewed in EDIE’s recent energy survey said they would use in-house measurement and reporting to comply. Industry commentators suggest it takes three months to a year for in-house staff to learn how to carry out an audit.

The concern here is if these companies do not have an in-house lead assessor working with them, they will still need to rely on an external lead assessor. This is a risk with the possibility that the lead assessor will not sign off on the reports if they are not to the required standard. This is also compounded by the lack of availability of external assessors at this time. With only a few months to go this could be a serious risk to businesses.


What is ESOS

ESOS is a mandatory energy auditing scheme affecting around 10,000 companies in the UK. Latest research shows that around a quarter of affected companies are yet to act, despite the impending compliance deadline of 5th December 2015.

Click here to see a list of potential fines for non compliance.

How Envantage can help

There are limited registered Lead Assessor available to help you meet compliance and with a large number of companies yet to take action, prices are expected to rise significantly over the next few months.

Envantage have a range of Lead Assessors and a team of energy efficiency specialists ready to help you meet ESOS compliance and deliver real energy savings.


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