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For many businesses like yours, renewing a fixed price energy contract may not be the right choice. With the right flexible procurement strategy, it’s possible to align the control of your energy costs to your long term business planning. Our expert consultants will help you to take advantage of the energy markets, bringing valuable insights on how they can work for your business.

Navigating the market to drive long term results

Flexible energy procurement can deliver better protection from energy price risks. Aligning your purchasing strategy to your business goals allows you to control these risks, taking advantage of market fluctuations while managing your liability. In this complex and ever-changing market, our experts adopt a straightforward approach and will help you to make smart choices to better manage your energy costs over the long term.

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“When market electricity prices climbed to unprecedented levels in December 2021, had we not worked in partnership with Envantage on a risk-managed approach to energy purchasing, we would have been subject to an additional exposure of £8.9 million in just one year of increased electricity prices.”

Nick Cunningham
Don & Low

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