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We think of compensation schemes as the ‘carrot’ approach to incentivising  low-carbon behaviours. As well as the financial benefits from the tax relief these schemes offer, they provide a framework for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions – helping you to drive down costs and  meet your environmental obligations. The only hurdle to acquiring these benefits is whether or not your business qualifies. That’s where we can help.



A proven track record in delivering maximum savings

Major energy users cannot afford to miss out on key savings from compensation schemes such as climate change agreements (CCA), Energy Intensive Industry discounts (EII), and the Min-Met CCL Exemption Scheme.

That is where our experienced team excels – helping you to navigate the complexities of the various schemes, and ensuring your organisation receives the maximum returns available. Our experts are adept at securing qualification for these schemes – often where others have said it isn’t possible.

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“Envantage identified a new significant financial compensation scheme that was open to our manufacturing sector, and now help us claim over £300,000 per annum. The scheme had strict eligibility criteria, complex rules and a short deadline to allow backdating. The team worked quickly and professionally within this timeframe, demonstrating maximum eligibility of our site, and they now manage the scheme for us. ”

Mick Shaw
General Manager, Plastek UK

“The process was proficient, painless and dynamic, and we now have an ongoing discount valued in excess of £240,000 per year, off our electricity bill for our steel castings division for the next five years. This represents a saving of some 20%, achieved without any investment upfront or otherwise. I would not hesitate to recommend you have discussions with Envantage to determine if your company criteria would enable them to save you substantial money.”

Matthew S Goodwin
Director, Goodwin PLC

“Envantage support Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) with multiple different energy and sustainability related services. The special thing about Envantage is they are wholly invested in making sure the solutions work right for us, and are not an organisation that just walks away once the piece of work is completed. They will ensure success no matter what. They have been a great partner for us at kp as we continue to progress our sustainability agenda.”

Ethan O'Brien
Group Energy Manager, Klöckner Pentaplast

H.I. Quality Steel Castings

Envantage carried out eligibility assessments, data management, calculations and all of the reporting required within the compensation and exemption schemes relating to the Renewables Obligation (RO) and Feed-In Tariff (FIT) charges, under the Electricity Market Reform.

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