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We start with the big picture to get a clear understanding of what you want to achieve as a business, and how our expertise can help to unlock valuable returns.

Then we turn our attention to the smallest details to smooth the way to a successful outcome. Every time. From meeting your regulatory obligations, optimising your energy usage, embedding a low carbon approach - and buying your energy better - you can be confident in our industry-leading approach.

In Envantage, you will find a trusted partner. We never make promises we cannot keep. We are tenacious in finding the best solutions to your challenges. We always have your best interests at heart, and like any good friend, we won’t shy away from telling you what we really think.


Understanding and controlling costs are vital elements of any successful business. Our experts have a deep understanding of how the energy markets work and can pinpoint the right strategy to help you maximise potential savings. We will work with you to control cost volatility over time, supporting your long-term commercial decision making.

We can help you with:
Energy Procurement Risk Management | Fixed Price Energy Contracts | Flexible Energy Purchasing | Bill Validation | Tariff Analysis | Cost Recovery | Metering & Connections Services

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The notion of compliance immediately conjures up the sense of being forced to do something. However, when it comes to energy compliance, the benefits far outweigh the administrative burden.

Our expert consultants will help you to distinguish the mandatory from the voluntary schemes, identifying the best options for your organisation and shaping an approach that will help you to save costs and carbon.

We can help you with:
Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) | Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) | Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) | Climate Change Agreements | Min-Met CCL Exemption Scheme | UK / EU Emissions Trading Scheme

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Carbon & Energy

Targeted change and effective control are the principles that underpin any successful low-carbon strategy. Our specialist consultants can help you to identify the specific changes you can make in your organisation to reduce carbon, as well as the controls you will need to implement to optimise energy usage.

We can help you with:
Net Zero | Carbon Neutrality | Greenhouse Gas Quantification | Energy Audits | ISO Energy Management Standards | Carbon Disclosure Project | Energy Monitoring & Targeting | EnCO™ Accredited Training

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We can start small, or help you focus on the bigger picture.

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