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Plastic packaging manufacturer



Plastek is a global manufacturer of plastic packaging for the personal care, home care, food & beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. With key sites in the UK, USA, Brazil and Mexico, the company supplies many of the world’s top consumer companies with packaging solutions, incorporating design and product & packaging development as well as world-class manufacturing capabilities.

The Challenge

In 2016 Plastek sought additional support with its commitments to the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). As a key supplier to multiple global FMCG clients, the demand for increased transparency and action on carbon emissions in the supply chain was growing.

Plastek had already worked with Envantage on regulatory compliance schemes and onsite energy surveys and turned to the team to help with their CDP programme. Our experts worked alongside Plastek to identify the right strategies and draw up a plan to achieve continuous, accountable improvements in emissions levels.

The Solution

With a keen strategic focus, Envantage began by helping Plastek to better understand its place within the global supply chain, how its behaviours affect carbon emissions and where there is most potential for improvement.

Central to this work has been a customer and competitor benchmarking exercise to identify the state of emissions reduction progress within the overall sector and supply chain.

This approach has given Plastek a much deeper understanding of the role it can play in supporting its key FMCG customers to achieve their ambitious carbon reduction goals.

With the Plastek team already driving an established programme of carbon reduction projects, Envantage’s role has focussed in three key areas:

Introducing effective internal management structures

and accountability for targets and outcomes

Turning data into meaningful information

to gain buy-in and support decision making – for example, Envantage measures Plastek’s global carbon footprint on an annual basis, quantifying results and communicating progress to key stakeholders

Driving and encouraging behavioural change

via sustainability and energy awareness training, which is helping to embed a culture of energy waste reduction and responsible sourcing within the company

Benefits to Plastek and the planet:

Plastek has achieved a consistent improvement in their CDP score year-on-year. This is testament to a strategic and sustained approach to reducing emissions and driving long-term continual improvement as a key player in the supply chain.

    reduction in carbon emissions per tonne manufactured since 2016
    reduction in energy used per tonne of products

The future

The board is committed to achieving leadership scoring within the Carbon Disclosure Project. To realise this ambition, they will define long-term carbon reduction goals, set science-based emissions reduction targets, and increase the use of renewables in energy supply. They also plan to engage more with supply chain partners, as well as approaching carbon footprint measurement at a product level to gain greater insight into reduction opportunities.

Working groups and reporting routines, combined with robust accountability, will help Plastek to measure, manage and report their improvements.

“Plastek continues to be extremely grateful to Envantage for their ongoing support which will benefit us in the future to hone our targets for energy usage, and to enable us to communicate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to our customers.”

Mick Shaw
General Manager, Plastek UK

The team for this project

Thomas Crean

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

Jessica Harris

Senior Carbon & Energy Consultant

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