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Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) – What you need to know


Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) – What you need to know

What is MHHS?

MHHS (Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement) is a national initiative aimed to consolidate the way electricity meter data is collected and billed. At present only Half hourly (HH) and Non-Half hourly (NHH) advanced metering is settled using half hourly data, which is ordinarily collected on an automated basis. MHHS will target the portion of the market that is currently not settled by HH data, and is due to commence in April 2025.

Who will MHHS affect?

The scheme will affect all small commercial and domestic supplies. These are supplies in the Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) market, typically with an MPAN profile 01-04. Many large businesses with multiple meters will have some smaller supplies of these types.

What is the impact?

Under MHHS, there’s a plan to exchange 600,000 ordinary I&C (Industrial and Commercial) meters to smart ‘SMETS’ meters, so that the Data Communications Company (DCC) can obtain the HH data. Most meter exchanges will require power shutdowns, which are likely to bring a level of disruption. If you decline smart meter installation, your business will face more frequent visits from data collection engineers carrying out manual HH data downloads.

Have there been similar schemes to this?

Previous schemes have focused on larger supplies. The Elexon P432 scheme is currently in effect, with the aim of ensuring that all CT (Current Transformer) supplies are settled in the Half-Hourly market. P432 targets supplies that weren’t covered or converted by the previous P272 programme. Before that, P272 was a change of measurement class (CoMC) scheme, where MPAN profiles 05-08 were moved from NHH to HH.

What should we do?

You are likely to hear from your supplier about exchanging your meters under the MHHS scheme. You can simply wait until your meters are exchanged for new Smart meters, but this could mean that you lose control of your own consumption data.

As an alternative, you can choose to have an Advanced meter (AMR) installed. This provides you with better control and visibility of your data, removing the need for frequent manual HH data download visits. Although the meter exchange would still require a power shutdown, Envantage can provide support with all contracting and delivery aspects, ensuring a seamless transition to AMR and access to your own consumption data.

If you would like to discuss installing compliant AMR meters, or if you have any questions about MHHS, get in touch with the experts at Envantage.



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